great treasures—beginner

"I must say that I love to use your site. It is incredibly intuitive, and it has really helped me in studying the Bible." -- Jason Struck

"Congratulations for your excellent site! It's amazing the amount of resources it offers, both for a beginner like me or for someone with more advanced knowledge of Greek." -- Nestor Forster

"Thank you for this application. I have found it very useful and probably read the Bible more because of the application's ease of use." -- Chad Anderson

"Thank you. I have been yearning for this. I could not believe it when I got into the site. I am a real beginner and I know that I am going to enjoy this. Thanks once again and may God bless you!" -- Wilson Gina

"God bless you. This is such a wonderful gift and what I have long been praying for." -- Fay Coulouris

"I would like to thank you for your fantastic and invaluable work on your website. Your site is really a blessing. I cannot believe how much it has aided me in seeing more of the deep truths of God's Word. You and your work are, and will be in my prayers. May God continue to bless you abundantly in our Lord Jesus Christ." -- Zach Goodman

"I just logged on for the first time. This looks like it's gonna be great! Thanks!" -- Joel Giles

"I've really enjoyed the site; thanks for all the work you put into it." -- Jay Blackwell

"I just recently signed up for your site (which is freakin awesome by the way)." -- Eric Lex

"Greetings! WOW - the site is great. Thank you for a great resource." -- Tim Klein

"You have a site of great value of which you can be very proud. And I mean a good sort of proud. Your site has helped me a great deal, and I thank you, and encourage you to continue, for my sake, and, hopefully, for the sake of many more to come." -- Roy Boyd

"I have enjoyed your site. I cannot imagine the amount of exacting work that went into making it, but I can appreciate it because I manage my church's Web site. God bless you for your work in spreading His Word." -- John-Allen Payne

"Thanks for the wonderful tool you have created. It is a wonderful help to me in my studies!" -- Nathan Wells

"I am astounded on a daily basis at the gift your website represents. I can't thank you enough. May God bless you & your staff a hundredfold." -- Dale Sonnier

"What a great resource! Many thanks for putting this together." -- Emily Varner

"A good portion of my effectiveness in the Word comes from your site's great help" -- Jeremy Hodges

"GREAT SITE. I love it and will past it on to others. Thanks for your hard work and everyone else involved in making it." -- Steven Weeks

"I love your website!" -- Ron Sawhill

"I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into making this site available. Thank you and may God's hand continue to bless you." -- Calvin Bryant

"This site is so nice since I can open it up at church to look up a verse that interests me." -- Jim Russell

"Love your site. What a blessing it will be to my ministry!! Thank you for doing it, and for sharing it." -- Stan Cunningham

"I am so impressed with the site and I use it for study. Thank you for all that you do!" -- Steve Carr

"I truly appreciate your website and treasure it as a valuable resource. Thank you for creating such a valuable and efficient tool, but even more so for allowing it to be used free of charge. God bless." -- Justin Risedorf

"Thank you enormously for your service." -- John Howard

"Hi. I just wanted to tell you the site is great and really useful." -- Timothy Gindi

"I've passed it onto my pastor friends already, Great Idea!" -- Mark DeYoung

"Your site is so totally awesome, I am speechless!" -- Rebecca Fox Nuelle

"Wow! you have put together a wonderful bible study page." -- Gary Pruit

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness and diligence in providing the website... it is a wonderful tool!" -- Marc Brashear

"Thank you very much for your site. It is exactly what I have been looking for as a study tool." -- Joshua Brown

"I want to thank you for the wonderful work you have done in the site. It is a treasure and your work shows your love of God's Word. Thank you." -- Chuck Williams

"Great job with this site. Thank you again for the website. I use it daily and continue to recommend it." -- Will Tant

"I am a user of the Great Treasures and I would like to thank you so much for this inestimable gift and help for deepening the Word of God and listening to His message. May God bless you and keep you in His Peace." -- Nicolas Buttet

"Greetings from Korea. Thank you so much for what is the best site for me. My prayer is to know God's Word more vividly and correctly. And your site is really helpful to me! May God continually bless you." -- Jin Soon Kim

"I absolutely love your site! It has been such an incredible tool for going deeper into the Word. Thank you so much for the site, and know that it is a huge blessing to me and my friends who also use the site. I hope God blesses and keeps your ministry growing and fruitful. Thank you again." -- David Hendren

"I would like to thank you for providing Bible versions in Indian languages. Here in India, in a Church service, we usually have to speak in 2 to 3 languages to convey the message. The column-wise view helps a lot to prepare the message. Thank you for your great service for Christ. May God bless you richly." -- Rajaneesh Gopal

"I'm a college freshman at Samford University, and I'm taking some religion classes, and this website is invaluable to me. The NT word study is very useful." -- Austin Davis

"Thank you so much for I really love it, and use it all the time. Thanks again for the GREAT TREASURES." -- Dave Gordon

"I do want to say, I love this site, use it daily in my Bible study, and have my kids using it for home school. It's a real blessing to us!" -- David Stelzl

"Thanks for making this wonderful website available. It has been an immense blessing. I'm always finding something new that it offers as I click on different things. It's quite extensive and I know I'm just touching the surface of what's available. I'm loving it." -- Leslie Strom

"I just wanted to say that I love your site and I'm very thankful to God for your life and ministry. I'm a young Sunday School teacher in Mexico and Great Treasures has been an amazing resource for me. Almost every time I'm preparing my class I feel so grateful. I'm a web developer also, and can't believe that such an amazing piece of technology is available for free." -- Armando Sosa

"Thank you for the great resource of your website." -- Martin F. Daly

"You have the most amazing site. Extremely well done and helpful. Thank you for providing such a great tool." -- Tim Stein

Re the Facebook app called "Bible," featuring a small subset of what's available at this site.
"You have no idea how much this is appreciated by me. There is so much trash for applications that it is silly, but this is something that will come in very handy. Thank you once again. I have forwarded it my friends in the hopes that they will be able to get the blessings from it that I am." -- Bo Erik Wallenius

"Thank you so much. Indeed God has blessed me, and I think will continue to do so through your website. Keep up the excellent work!" -- Ezra Schroeder

"Thanks for your work on behalf of the Body of Christ, in providing this website! I revel in it, now that I've found it, am planning to use it continuously in my exploration of the New Testament!" -- Beth Johnson

"I just found your website. What an AWESOME blessing. What you are doing is great!" -- Pat Rossi

"Thank you for all that you guys have done. Great Treasures is a tremendous resource for preaching." -- Jonathan Cooper

"I keep finding new ways to benefit from Great Treasures. Having only been a believer for two years, I love seeing the dates on the notes and remembering what I was thinking 5 months ago, verses what I believe now. This site has been huge for me, and has really helped me add some level of organization to my Bible study. I appreciate all the work it must have taken to make this site, and the fact that you keep it free." -- John Donovan

"I just want to say I am absolutely thrilled to find your site. The quality of this tool for language study is incredible. Perhaps I will not need to invest hundreds of dollars into a commercial program. I also hope the Lord makes your site known and utilized by millions in years to come." -- Chris Klein

"I have been using your site for a couple of years now and it is incredibly helpful." -- John Nilas

"The site is an outstanding tool for pastors who do expository preaching. Thanks for this gift to the body of Christ." -- Toby Sorrels

"Thank you for everything that you all are doing! Great Treasures is a huge resource for me in seminary!" -- Sean Duncan

"I get up by 5 am, while the family is still asleep, I put in 2 hours of study and I have discovered wonders of the Bible. I approach the word as a seeker willing to allow the truth to mold my thinking and my life. And Great Treasures .org has really helped me in my study. I have recommended it to others too. I accidentally came upon this website and I am finding it extremely useful in understanding the Word. Thank God for the Great Treasures!" -- Elwin Vedamony

"Love your resource--I often have it open in class for discussions at seminary." Jacob Geerlings

"Many Bible Bee contestants use your website to be able to see most of the Bible Bee versions side-by-side while they are studying. Your website truly is a treasure." -- Jennifer Worch

"This website is fantastic! Since joining it an hour ago, I have resolved a question I have had since 1973. This is better than all the Bible software I have used in the past. Thank you. Blessings." -- Rowan Taylor

"I really love this site, it is a huge blessing. I am a Bible college student in Okinawa, Japan, and it really helps because I don't always have to carry around my huge Bible, yet I still have the option of multiple translations.Thank you for the awesome blessing!! " -- Logan Guthrie

"I love your website and use it for my Bible reading most days. I saw your list of updates and improvements and realise that you are really working to give us the best possible experience." -- Gordon Ackerman

"Thanks so much for such a wonderful site. May God continue to bless all who are involved in your ministry here." -- Jacob Cole

"I use this site on almost a daily basis and truly love it! Thank you!" -- Kerry Utley

"Oh dear, what a wonderful app." -- Rajaneesh Gopal

"A hearty thank you to you and those who work with you in this most important and valuable ministry and ministry resource. I value highly the ease with which I can study, see, and print out such beautifully formatted PDFs of parallel versions." -- David Young

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have been using this program for a long time now, and have recommended it so many people. I am currently in seminary. It has been such a blessing to my schooling, as well as for my heart, and I am so very thankful for the work you are doing for the kingdom. Continue your work. I know I'm not the only one that can say I know God will use this program in my preaching and ministry, which I pray goes to affect thousands of hearts out there. God bless you." -- Ben Campbell

"I want to thank you for this awesome Bible study tool. I use it with two groups at church for inductive Bible study. It is the best online tool for inductive study I have found. Thanks again for all you do to make this resource so helpful." -- Bob Glahn

great treasures—intermediate

"Thanks for the awesome site. Still much to learn but what an amazing resource. One of the coolest and most helpful features is Greek Word Study." -- Allen Combs

"Thank you for the FREE Greek alphabet and grammar lessons!" -- Timothy Scott

"I love the Greek word study function and the link to the BBG chapters on the Graded Reader, both are awesome and the Greek word study in particular has been a huge blessing." -- Michael Micek

"I just found this site and I am grateful that someone went to all this work. I took Greek in school for two years but don't remember a thing. So this is both entertaining but more so a study tool. All the best and thanks again for all your hard work." -- Bill Rotchford

"Thank you for your wonderful resources. I have told my whole Greek introductory class a couple of times about your site. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it. Most of all, your site helps me just plain dig....and understand Him better." -- Lani Howarth

"I just love the Word and I want to know all I can know about the Word of God. When I got to your site I was just amazed! The more I saw the more I wanted to see. Beautiful, you are bringing the original language to the 'common' folk, just as Jesus would. Thank you, I intend to use this site for my study and I will tell all!" -- Gail Schoenke

"I really like being able to follow along with my Pastor using your site! I am actually able to recognize and am able to define some of the Greek words he uses." -- Judy Riggs

"Are you kidding me? This is amazing I can't believe you do this! Wow. I am stunned. Now I can research the Greek meanings like my pastor. You guys rock. Keep it up." -- Jeff Campanelli

"I am writing to say thanks. Wanted to let you know that I've been using the new site since you allowed me to see the preview and I can't thank you enough for the work you've put into this project (Great Treasures). The new site is a huge improvement and is quickly becoming my most suggested NT study tool, period. I put a post together on Friendfeed (socnet) for the new site a few weeks ago and today I'm giving a quick talk about your site to some serious bible students and preachers about the new upgrade. You are doing such a great work with this site. It still astounds me to see what great things can come about when people humbly cooperate with the Almighty." -- Jeremy Hodges

"I appreciate this comprehensive tool to deepen my convictions about my relationship with God." -- Matina Montes

"Thank you for this WONDERFUL resource. With it I can easily get back to my Greek! The Lord bless and keep you!" -- Cynthia J. Fazzini

"For some time we have all been using your Great Treasures online as our meeting place has wifi. Your site is a joy to use and it gives us much information that really helps us study. All of us in the class have some measure of study in the Greek behind us. Your site really helps us enjoy the study." -- Iris Godfrey

"I've enjoyed the web site. It's just the ticket for a middle-aged attorney with a B.A. in Classics earned long, long ago. I might just re-discover the fun of it all! Thanks." -- Dennis Stanchik

"Thank you all for the valuable service in God's Word and access to the original language." -- Ron Bruno

"I find your website extremely helpful in all my classes. It's very well put together. Thank you for your devotion to making better students of the Bible." -- Benjamin Hunt

"I want you to know that your site has blessed me greatly. I am trying to learn Greek, so I try to log in nearly every day and spend a little time reading. Coupled with lessons, the constant reading is improving my alphabet usage and vocabulary." -- Don Crownover

"I am a little new to learning Greek and I recently joined your site. I love the site! It's been an enormous help." -- Bill Mullins

"Soon I will be launching a New Testament Greek class. Your site is fantastic. I will have at least 15 students in my NT Greek class, max. size is 30. It is for adults and high-school students. I will certainly be directing all my students to your site. I am offering an intro course and participants are already asking "What's next?" The answer is clearly that they can with their basics then increase their knowledge by working with your site." -- Elinor Abdulla

"This is a truly amazing resource and I am delighted to find it online." -- Chris Griffiths

"Thank you for a superior site. Your site clearly opens up so many handy tools. I enjoy and learn from word studies and I have found your site the best for this (for example, you give both short and long definitions, family of words, and breakdown of grammar). Keep up your incredible work." -- Peter O'Brien

"I just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic site. I was searching the internet for resources to help me in my personal study of the scriptures and to connect with the original language. I came across a lot of different resources but most of them wanted you to pay for them. I was happy when I came across this site, it had all the information I needed to help better understand God's word and break the language barrier that I had. I enjoy how simple it is to use and best of all you don't have to be an expert at Greek. I use it everyday in my studies. I love this site so much. May God bless you for your efforts." -- Keith Paxton

"This site is great, and has really helped me add some level of organization to my Bible study. I appreciate all the work it must have taken to make this site, and the fact that you keep it free." -- John Donovan

"Thanks for the wonderful study tool, very user friendly, intuitive user interface." -- Alan Leung

"Thank you so much for having this all this information, and not having to pay to download! You are a blessing! So helpful in preparing my Bible study lessons!" -- Amy Cheatheam

"Thank you for a very practical Bible study tool. Your site will be invaluable to serious Bible students, not only in the English-speaking world, but millions of Chinese-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and others. Many thanks and God's blessings on you and your co-workers." -- Andrew Hua

"Your study bible is awesome, a tool I continuously use for the discipleship training of young believers. Thanks so much for all the time and energy you and your team have been investing." -- Ben Oehler

"You have a GREAT site and a very useful tool for Bible study. I am a seminary student and your site has been a tremendous blessing." -- Tom Chandler

"Hello, and thank you for such a wonderful free resource online. I have been prompted to dig deeper in my studies as I am now responsible to teach many women at my church as we study through the scriptures and I am newly acquainted with your site and have been blessed by it already. I can't fathom the time and dedication your team must be giving to this." -- Debbie Shaner

"I would like to thank you all for this fantastic tool. What a fantastic work of art! I just love it. Your web site is excellent. All the translations, even ones in French, etc etc. I love the intermediate portion and the advanced; you have put so much effort into this. Thanks a million. Keep up the great work." -- Gaston Marchand

"What an excellent tool, THANK YOU! I was online looking for a Greek dictionary and stumbled into your site. It is everything I was asking for and so much more. I'm still learning the ropes of getting the best out of it, but it is a joy and a pleasure to mine God's Word through your effort. Thank you so much for making it accessible to me. I am blessed by the kindness of strangers. You have added wealth to my world. God Bless you and keep you." -- Sofia Salvatico

"Many thanks for this website! I began using it for seminary (I wouldn't have survived without this site, honestly) but now I use it virtually every weekend when preparing for Sundays. Many thanks and blessings to you!" -- Phillip Lee

"I'm a student and am preaching at a nearby church. I like the site. It has been a blessing in sermon preparation and class work. Keep up the great work!" -- Jonathan Cooper

great treasures—advanced

"I just have to tell you thank you so much for your wonderful website! I just love it! I have so much fun translating the Scriptures, looking things up and learning God's Word all at the same time! It is such a joy and a thrill! I really, really do enjoy it because it helps me so much in learning and studying God's Word! Nothing, to me, is more exciting than that and I use your site every day!" -- Pam Fernandez

"I have been using the site for several months now. Thank you for this great help to studying and teaching the Bible. I'm also grateful for the addition of the ESV and some of the recent enhancements to help understand the grammar and syntax of the Greek text. Thank you for your work in making God's Holy Word more accessible to a world in dire need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!" -- Larry Beane

"Thanks for the awesome resource! (I'm a senior at a Bible college, in my second year of Koine Greek.") -- Sara De Jong

"I really, REALLY like the site. I am a student of Greek, and mentor students who are new to Greek grammar, so any helps we can find are terrific. I find the site actually makes translating fun and educational. Another great benefit is that you can save your work and access it from any computer. The site is a FABULOUS tool to add to our toolbox!" -- Sarah R. Madden

"What a wonderful tool! Thanks very much! I think I'll put away my printed Greek text and make the site my daily source; at least, it's always there on my desktop." -- Michael Pakaluk

"I am using your site and have recommended it to a friend. You have done a wonderful job, especially with the color-coding of the Greek text. The site is well thought out, useful, and very user-friendly. Great job! I did a little translation in James last night, that aspect is also a great concept, as it encourages you to think through various aspects of translation so that your mechanical rendering can become a thought out spiritual expression of what is being communicated by the text--very thought provoking." -- Daniel R. Berger

"I have been a user of Greek for decades in ministry and study. Just came upon your web site: what a MARVELOUS tool for reading and translating the Greek Scriptures! Thanks for your wonderful work; may God bless you in all your ways." -- Reed Merino

"I am in an introductory course for New Testament Greek in the seminary. When I found your site it was like finding a gold mine. You have decreased the anxiety and stress level in this learning process immensely. We are doing translations, focusing on nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. Your site has provided me with an excellent tool for double checking my initial translations and finding my mistakes. Thank you." -- Eldon Anderson

"Great Treasures is a great treasure when it comes to translating the New Testament Greek, which I have been doing not for over 30 years. You have a great web site. It has revolutionized my translation procedures. I really appreciate it." -- Paul Kranz

"I really like your site. It is becoming my 'go to' site whenever I am preparing for sermons. Excellent, excellent product. I have been studying Greek for 20 years and I taught it for 5 years. This is so nice, some of the best software I've ever seen." -- David Richardson

"I am writing this e-mail to let you know how great a website you have in Great Treasures. It has been phenomenally helpful in my studies and in learning Greek. I use it regularly every week. Keep it up and thanks for all of the hard work you have done." -- Jason Ruis

"I have just recently graduated this year with a B.A in Theology and I was looking for somewhere to learn Greek. i did a search and came upon your site. I just could not believe how good it is. I was also really grateful for the ten top tips to help you study, which I have printed out and read several times; it's just brilliant! Thank you so much for going to this much trouble so the ordinary person can study the Scriptures in the Greek language. I will certainly be passing on your website to people in my church. My Bible studies have gone to another level now which is great. May God continue to bless you in your work." -- Jenny Murphy

"Hey, Thanks so much for providing this free Greek site. I am a recent Theology graduate with a Biblical Greek minor and personally, I like this site better than any other site or Greek translating program. I appreciate your commitment to bringing people as close to the Word of God as possible. God bless you in your work." -- Nate Dubs

"Thanks so much for creating this free site!! It has helped me so much with translating thus far. What a great tool -- and I can see that you have made improvements since I first logged on. I'll be looking forward to the 'friends' feature you have coming soon." -- Mary Ann Nguyen

"I am excited about this site. On Thursday I translated Eph 1.1 and today 1:2. This site is awesome and a real blessing to those of us who teach God's Word." -- Dan Petersen

"Thank you and may I tell you how much I am enjoying my use of your site. I had four years of classical Greek in high school but did not use it much after that. I am new to computer use and getting quite involved with a men's Bible study group at church. My contribution to the group of course is helped with the Greek." -- William Roe

"I just stumbled across your site today and have subsequently sent the link to all my colleagues and students. Thanks for making this available to the body of Christ. You should also know I set it as a link for my Greek students on my web page here at the University. I am sure my students and I will continue to benefit from your labors. [The next morning...] Do forgive me if I am being a nag, but I was using the program again this morning, and...what more can I say, this thing ROCKS! I was telling my friend this morning a program like this costs hundreds...hundreds of dollars. Thanks again for making it available to the world!! I can see myself using it for the rest of my life, Lord willing. χάρις σοι καὶ εἰρήνη." -- John Oliff

"I love using your site. Thank you for the great site. It is wonderful to see the biblical Greek community take advantage of new technologies." -- Dag Calafell III

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you have done in making this site. It is such a blessing to be able to use it free of charge and I'm sure there were countless hours put into it. I showed my Greek class at Bible college this site and they are all really appreciating it (present tense continuous :-). I definitely can say I wouldn't know Greek as well today if it weren't for you. So thanks again, I'm very grateful. Grace and peace be with you!" -- David Hepting

"I'm a pastor and a PhD student. I do quite a bit of Hebrew and Greek exegesis in both church sermon-lesson preparation and in my student textual research. I just recently found your web-site and am impressed with its practical design. Thank you for your desire to provide a tool that can be useful for people who desire to learn more about God's written Word." -- Joe Stallings

"The most exciting thing about your website is for the first time I am developing a deeper understand of my Lord and Savior's love. I can feel my Faith growing as I spend more time in the Word and work for those precious Life giving truths that are waiting to be uncovered. Your ministry is at the heart of the Christian Faith in bridging the gap between the original New Testament Language and our Native Language and making it so accessible. I prefer your Color-Coding system by far. I have learned more about Koine Greek from your Visual Greek and Greek Bible Study sites than all of the time that I have spent using the leading grammar book and various Koine Greek websites. Years in the Navy SEAL Teams have taught me 2 valuable principles in learning complex subjects. The first principle is KISS, Keep it Simple. The second principle is proper progression: Crawl, Walk, Run, Sprint learning model. The best way to teach someone nothing is to try and teach them everything to fast. Your system of learning Koine Greek is both KISS and progressive." -- Kory Knowles

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to study the Bible in Greek and in English. Nothing seems to be more interesting to me, and I look forward to more. I am so pleased to have this as a tool for my studies." [Then, a while later] "I was thinking that I should send you a note again and mention how very pleased I am to have this fine service as a study aid. So much of what the Lord has in mind seems to come alive in the Greek, and bring this man into a much closer understanding of his matchless grace. I spend time focusing on one single passage, and often one single word that seems to become far more clear in its meaning. For this I am truly thankful, and blessed beyond measure." -- William Blanton

"I really enjoy this site and it's a great help with translation work." -- Carol Stolz

"I just shared the site with another student in my class and she said, 'All that is free?' Thank you so very much for your web site. What a blessing. I am taking second-year Greek and use the site regularly. It is a wonderful aid in many ways! I pray many more people invest in deeper study of the Scriptures!" -- Chip Valandra

"As I use your greek great treasures, I am finding it to be so helpful. I have hard copies (greek text, gk lex, gk concord, and gk gram), but it takes time to get them out. Whereas I can easily pull up these resources on your website in the comfort of my living room. If I want to do further in depth study I can go to my Kittel, art and gingrich, wallace gk gram. You have helped me be in the gk text more and more. Thanks again for this very valuable source." -- Ron Bruno

"I am amazed by what you have on this site, and I have only begun to explore. I'm going to pass the word to my various clergy friends. Easy access to the Greek texts and their meaning can be a great help." -- Paul Seever

"I have a Ph.D. in linguistics and wrote my dissertation on Maliseet-Passamaquoddy, an American Indian language. Having seen and used hundreds, or even thousands, of language tools in many different types of languages, I can tell you, unequivocally, that yours is the best. You have made a huge difference in my life. I am halfway through John. I translate three verses a day after work. And I am having a great time of it." -- David Sherwood

"Hello in Christ, I have studied Greek for years. I have MBS degree from Canyonview Bible Seminary. I have always wanted to design a study just like this one and it never came together. I know why now. Great job. It is the greatest job ever. Thanks for letting me use it." -- Delvin Hatley

"We use your site in teaching teenagers - it is great! We are studying the Book of John through the Spanish and Greet text. At first we were a little concerned about keeping them involved and growing, but it is starting to get exciting! Cannot say Thank You enough! Thank You!" -- Floyd Reed

"Your website has been a huge blessing to me as I am working through my second semester of Greek at SBTS. Thanks for all your work!" -- Matt Baeb

"I needed to translate Greek verses into Italian. I didn't know what to do. I was almost crying every evening, to study all this. But when I found this site, I was happy that I may do something. I'm really thankful to you all. Let God bless you all!" -- Ajay Akkara

"I recently came across your site and have been very excited to discover this excellent tool. Being able to read the Greek text while listening to the audio version is proving especially helpful." -- Ilona Burdette

"I want to especially thank you for offering this incredibly wonderful free service!!!! It has helped me more efficiently study and apply Greek. A good chunk of my Greek class is beginning to refer to your work here. We all love Great Treasures' work and the accessibility and convenience it offers." -- Todd Ransom

"I think the site is absolutely fantastic! I am a senior in Bible College and in my third year of Greek. I will be using this site for my Greek classes from here on out (through grad school even)." -- Joe Kauslick

"Thank you for taking the time to put this site on the web. It has really helped me get through some exegesis. Out of all the hundreds of Greek programs available, I have found yours to be the most user friendly." -- Chris Johnson

"I appreciate what the Lord is doing with you at Great Treasures, making the Word to be read with full understanding as it was meant to be understood by the original audience. These resources are very useful for my personal study and equipping in the work of the ministry." -- Ben Akano

"I just found this wonderful site this morning when I was studying. I do have a Greek Interlinear Bible but this site is so much handier for my studying." -- Hill Reid

"I am a youth leader at a '100% Bible believing, exegetical preaching, unashamedly proclaiming the Gospel' church. The bar is set pretty high for us, so I find myself studying the original languages and history pretty deeply in order to gain depth to some of the customs and language used in scripture. With your parallel versions and original language versions available on the same uncluttered page, it will make my nights a lot simpler. I was equally excited to see the various Spanish versions available too; my wife and I are considering the need for a Spanish ministry in our neighborhood." -- John Corbin

"I want to thank you for this great resource. I appreciate the work you have done to make it possible to translate so easily." -- Edward Frost

"I just wanted to express my thanks for this amazing project. I have read about your plans for OT Greek tools and even Hebrew tools in the years to come. It has already helped me a lot in my recent studies and I am excited to use any new feature in the future. I will not hesitate to recommend it further. You are a true blessing to me!" -- Mario Zerbin

"Thanks for your site, translating was a serious pain, with my lexicons, Greek tools and not enough table space, obviously you know what I am talking about. Words cannot express my joy." -- Kim Lewis

"Thank you so much for Great Treasures. You have raised my level of understanding of God's Word. When we study and know God's Word, we can go and teach scripture with authority and power. Making Greek a part of our thinking can help our understanding and positively influence the lives of others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -- Lloyd Bach

"I really love your site. It is the best way for pastors like me to have access to digital, parsed, original language texts. If the Hebrew turns out as well as the Greek, your site will blow the expensive programs out of the water. It does now on the Greek texts. I use it for word studies, lexicon lookups and all-around cross referencing." -- Marty Daly

"I just want to say thank you to your team and the amazing work they have done with Great Treasures. I've purchased Bible software for several hundred dollars that is nowhere as easy to use as your site. I love the fact that it's not burdened with commentary and other writings; it's just the straightforward information I need to study the Scriptures on my own. Your morphological information saves me hours of research time that I used to put in pouring through my books. Thank you for keeping the commentary out; I'm tired of people telling me what to believe; I want to simply see what God is telling me to believe. You guys are doing an amazing work and I am grateful for it." -- Stephen Comer

"Thank you for all the work you are doing with your site. I find it a treasure for doing exegesis." -- Patrick Bush

"Your work is excellent and I (and I think a lot of people) am grateful to you. I have worked as a classic Greek teacher in a Spanish middle school for 20 years. It´s so different to read the New Testament in Spanish or English or Latin and to read it in Greek, its original language! Thank you." -- Felipe Villalba

"Thanks for the hard work and this amazing resource! It's been a tremendous blessing to me, and a huge help in studying God's Word in its original languages!" -- Nicholas Nowakowski

"I like your website very much! I have been self learning the biblical Greek for many years(!) and it has been so much manual work, i.e. looking up the lexicon, the Greek Bible and English Bible. In the website, it is just a click of a button away." -- Kyun Cho

Great Treasures (.org) and Bible (in Facebook) are dedicated to helping people read and study the Scriptures.

This site is a quiet, theologically-neutral safe haven for reading the Scriptures, chapter by chapter, and book by book. It is provided as a service to the body of Christ at large, to the glory of God.

This work is supported by individual donors. The site is not affiliated with a particular denomination or group.

In our prayers, may our respectful request to God be: "Please teach us Your Word."

About the team: Peter Coad ("kohd") and his small team began working together in June 2004. Today, the team is made up of 9 linguists and programmers (4 full time, 5 part time), working together to produce advances which encourage the thoughtful consideration of the Scriptures.