What’s new

GreatTreasures.org is updated (in a big way) and has a new name: TheBible.org

Click here to view a 2-minute video for first steps.

Signing in is optional. To see your notes and other content, sign in (look for it in the upper right corner of TheBible.org). Be sure to bookmark and use the new name in your browser: TheBible.org

We’ve changed “beginner, intermediate, advanced” to "Parallel Bible, Word study, Verse study”— to better describe this triad.

What you can do at the new site

1. Read your Parallel Bible (readers tend to do this the most!)
2. Read your Parallel Bible, plus pause to lookup a word and its occurrences
   → Tap a New Testament verse, then tap the word you want to study
3. Read your Parallel Bible, plus pause to lookup the Greek verse with fine detail
   → Tap a New Testament verse, then tap "Verse study"
4. Read a Greek verse with fine detail, plus pause to lookup a word and its occurrences
   → Tap a New Testament verse, tap "Verse study," then tap a word in that verse


Several years ago, we decided to build our app from scratch, using technology that would allow us to have a code base in which 75% of the code would be the same for iOS, Android, and the web, with the remaining 25% to handle special issues with each of those three—rather than write and maintain three separate programs. On iOS and Android, this software has been in daily use around the world for a couple years now.

Getting Started

Here are some mini-lessons to help you get started.

Mini lesson 1: Go to the site, start the iOS app, or start the Android app.
Observe: signing in is optional. (Sign in for note-taking and verse highlighting.)

Mini lesson 2: Tap “Sign in” (located in the upper right corner of our page). Then sign in, using your email address and password as before. Once you are signed in, when you go to a chapter in which you have notes, the Notes column appears automatically (otherwise, it goes away to save space). Pastors: tap the Settings gear, then Note-taking; pastors, you can choose to share all your notes with your followers.

Mini lesson 3: In the Parallel Bible, tap the chapter title (such as: Acts 1) and tap your way to go to another place in the Scriptures; tap the checkbox that puts the books in alphabetical order (easier for those new to the Scriptures). Now tap inside the GoTo/SearchFor box, enter Eph 3:20 and tap Go. Try out multi-version search, enter the words: faith hope love—then tap Go.

Mini lesson 4: In the Parallel Bible (formerly called beginner), tap on any New Testament verse. You’ll see the verse menu. From here, you can tap to open a word study (formerly called intermediate) or verse study (formerly called advanced).

Mini lesson 5: Word studies now have meticulously proofread definitions, plus some new actions. In the Parallel Bible, tap “able” in Eph 3:20, then use the verse menu to open the word study; tap and explore the actions on the title bar. And try this: tap the pencil and enter: power. That same note also will appear in your Parallel Bible alongside each occurrence of that word, automatically. Edit anywhere it is shown; each note auto-updates.

Min lesson 6: In the Parallel Bible, tap Eph 3:20, select verse study, find the translation box,and enter: Now… Your verse translation will appear alongside this verse in your Parallel Bible, automatically. Edit in either location; the other one auto-updates.

Tap here to proceed to the new site.